Monday, July 04, 2005


'evening everyone.

I've set up a forum - did it fairly quickly, so it's probably full of holes, but point them out, and I'll patch them as we go along...

Forum located at:

Instructions: When you first visit the page, you won't see any topics. Register (preferably with your character's name) and you'll see a General Discussion forum. Open that, then post in the 'Sign in' thread so I can give you permission rights to the other areas. When I've done it I'll edit your post in a different colour confirming it.

Oh, and one more thing - the logo graphics at the top - are they too big? I'm doing this on a widescreen monitor, so they may be out of frame, I dunno.
If so, tell me, and I'll resize 'em.


Blogger Master Yoda said...

Great job, Nick!

July 04, 2005 12:14 PM  

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