Sunday, July 03, 2005

good moaning

ha ha this is a much better Idea than my emailing ^_^

don't realy know what to post, well i guess possible futer topics would be a good idea incase any of you want to add little bits into your post so they all link.

  • obi will see his twin again, this time in a lake whilst on a fishing trip with.....(not decided yet any volunteers?)
  • another serious chat with Qui maybe?
  • gets a pet ewok and tries to hide it from yoda
  • gets hospitalised because of R4 (am going to need help with this one, any willing to help obi fry)
  • gets closer to Aayla (maybe move in? don't know, maybe go on holiday together? votes people)
thats it for a mo. If anyone wants to see anything on my blog say. its as much you guys' blog as it is mine



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