Sunday, July 03, 2005

Star Wars Unite!


Good ideas, thanks for giving us some guidance, this group probably needs some... ;-)

Thanks to Shaak Ti for coming up with the idea of a common area to use 'behind the scenes'.

"What made you decide to start a blog like this?"
I read 'The Darth Side' and was floored by the idea. Having been a Star Wars fan since I was 9 (you do the math and figure out my real age), the concept of what's going on in the SW universe while George Lucas is not filming it, really intrigued me.

"Why did you choose your particular character?"
From what I could tell, no one else had taken on Palpatine/Sidious, and I always wondered what his background was like.

"If you post often, where do get ideas?"
I have some of my own ideas about the tactical stuff, but the threads of what he is going through right now are formed mostly from other rumors and ideas on the web about Sidious' background.

"Where do you find pictures for use on your blog?"
I only have one picture so far. I found it on Google then modified it in Photoshop.

Tips I've learned:
It's easier to write 'off-line' in MS-Word, then post using the e-mail feature of Blogspot.

If you measure stats for your blog, what site or company do you use?
I use Statcounter. It's free, and gives some pretty good reporting from what I can tell.

- Chris H.
"Darth Sidious"

BTW, Does anyone know how to get an e-mail notification when a blog is updated with a new entry?


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