Thursday, July 14, 2005

Survivor Tatooine: ...oh, it's ON!

After much gnashing of teeth and perspiration of brow, I have decided to start it up. We have 16 members and that's good for...yikes...13-16 weeks. I apologize to everyone who couldn't make it this time (new and old) I am sure if this goes off well this time, perhaps someone else out there can do the next one from their home planet. I hope there are no hard feelings.

Having such a late start and being so close to Friday, there will not be a vote this Friday.

You can now go ahead and post and get your characters acquainted with their surroundings.

Have fun!


Blogger Leia said...

I have a question and I'm gonna post it here because yeah. Do we send you email, or do you send us email and we reply to it? And if we send you email, do you reply?
Or is there no email involved?

Sorry if I have this whole thing messed up. I haven't seen Survivor before. : o

July 14, 2005 3:08 PM  
Blogger JawaJuice said...

Friday's (but not this Friday)I will post opening up a Tribal Council. Afterwards, you can then send me an email
with the just name you want voted off for that week.
When I received everyone's vote, I will read them off on a special post, where the person voted off will then leave the game.


July 14, 2005 4:06 PM  
Blogger General Grievous said...

hey eric u spelt grievous's name wrong in the link area

July 14, 2005 4:32 PM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Great job on the blog, Eric!

July 14, 2005 4:34 PM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...


You spelled "spelled" wrong, unless you were talking about the grain that is harvested.

Were you talking about the grain that is harvested? I'm sorry if I misunderstood.

July 14, 2005 4:38 PM  
Blogger Leia said...


Mmm... smelt.

July 14, 2005 6:17 PM  
Blogger General Grievous said...

ahh bill spelt is a word so i did not spell "spelled" wrong as that is not the word i was spelling

July 14, 2005 8:32 PM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

I looked up spelt in the dictionary - you're right, a secondary definition for it is a past tense of "spell".

I don't think it's used that commonly over here. We Americans like to use only a part of the English language, that way we don't get confused by too many words - and we are easily confused.

So, since you spelt "spelt" the way "spelt" is spelt, and "spelt", not "spelled" is the word you were spelling, I stand corrected.

July 14, 2005 10:40 PM  
Blogger Jar Jar Binks said...


July 15, 2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

Er, I have a non-spelling question. I haven't watched Survivor since the first arc, so what's up with the challenges? Will the non-Jedi be able to compete?

July 15, 2005 10:44 AM  

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