Saturday, July 16, 2005

SWU Eyewitness News - See It Here First

As you may have noticed, I put a button linked to the Survivor blog in the sidebar. As you can see from how brilliantly constructed it is, it took me hours to make! Ok, well maybe I just took five minutes to crop and re-size the neat logo that Eric/JJ made, but still, those were an intense five minutes!

Anyway, if you'd like to use it on your blogs, here's the code for easy reference:

It's always best to try to get all of that code on one line, instead of three lines like I have it split up here. I know the print is small and hard to read, so I'll be posting the code in the forum that Nick/Dooku set up as well.

I will also be trying to make a button for the forum. By the way, new people, have you joined the forum yet? You should.

Speaking of new people, I added a couple to the blog roll on the Yoda blog last night. I see I have a couple of more to add tonight. So, if you're new and you don't see your blog in the list of links on the Yoda blog by Monday, shoot me an email and I will rectify the situation.


Blogger Han Solo said...

For those that don't have access to the forum:

<a href="" title="Survivor: Tatooine"><img src="" alt="Survivor: Tatooine" /></a>

July 16, 2005 9:36 PM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Thanks Phoenix,

I had assumed the Blogger comments would've tried to read the HTML instead of just displaying it.

July 16, 2005 11:01 PM  
Blogger Han Solo said...

It does, so you have to replace < and > with &lt; and &gt;, respectively (also, &amp; gives you &). The problem is that if you preview it, it converts everything back to < and >. That's what copy and paste is for. ;-)

July 17, 2005 6:35 AM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...


July 17, 2005 5:52 PM  

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