Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I say we all begin a new contest in which we are given only 40 minutes each to blog about our character and at the end the one who wrote the best will win. This could be fun for all of us because we will have to deal with pressure and a deadline, and will have to make an adventure from scratch. For example, in my case Lando will have 40 minutes to prove that he's the most interesting carachter on star wars unplugged, and so will Siri, Yoda, Leia, Anakin, etc...

Each player is given 40 minutes, then when he stops, the other one starts, then the other one, and so on. after we all finish its pens down...and we start to evaluate the others performence. Only one winner can be selected in the final round, the speed write round, and then the winner will be revealed.

The grand prize will be one weeks stay at Cedar Point, with hotel and tranpertation provided.

Good luck, everyone!


Blogger General Grievous said...

ok whos providing the prize? and how will you coordinate this over the different timezones?

September 06, 2005 12:41 AM  
Blogger Han Solo said...

The grand prize will be one weeks stay at Cedar Point, with hotel and tranpertation provided.

Transportation provided? Really? I live in Japan. That's not going to be a problem, is it? ^_^

September 06, 2005 1:12 AM  

excuse me han but your transperatation will be provided too. as long as you can make it to Dayton, and we can pick you up in our minevan. Hay, do any of you play x, box live? can you beat me in battlefront or doom 3? probably not but well see?

September 06, 2005 2:04 AM  
Blogger Chancellor Palpatine said...

A good idea in theory, but unfortunatley not practical. Too many people in too many timezones, scattered across too many continents. You might be better off trying to coordinate it with just a few members that are more local to you.

September 06, 2005 12:38 PM  
Blogger Shaak Ti said...

Whats a mine van? Does it have explosives? If so, is it for good or for awesome? AAAAAAAH!!!!!!


September 10, 2005 8:13 PM  

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