Friday, June 30, 2006

Template Changes

At the request of some of the members of this forum I've added a Blog Rolling list so that we can tell when a blog has been updated. You'll see *NEW!* next to the name of someone who has recently posted.

I have not added the blogs of everyone who is listed under this blog's profile, since many blogs have not been updated in months (in some cases over a year) and the bloggers are (apparently) long gone. I made exceptions for people who are still posting comments even though their blogs are on hiatus.

If you're still around and I did not add you to the blog roll, let me know and I'll add your blog back to the list.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

At Last We Shall Be Revealed to the Jedi....

I am Darth Nepharia. I appreciate being welcomed into your universe.

I am simply Nepharia from the outer reaches of the galaxy. That is how I maintain my anonymity from those who would expose my master and me. I am not certain of my age, but I am most certainly seasoned. By day I am a mild-mannered web host/web designer/web programmer. By night I do my master's bidding.

Why did You Start a Star Wars Blog?

It seemed like the thing to do. I’ve been writing about the Star Wars universe since Episode I. I’ve been living in it for much longer. (

My Character

The Sith are far more complicated than they would have you believe. The Jedi try to convince everyone that we are simply evil, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We simply believe in an ordered existence – something the Jedi also hold in high regard. The biggest different is that they feel they must deny themselves much of the pleasures of life to be at one with the Living Force, where as the Sith embrace pleasure as a natural part of life.

Where Do You Get Ideas for Your Blog?

There are many stories in the universe. Most of them remain untold - mine is one of them. I chose to tell others’ tales.

Again, I thank you for your invite.

* * * * * * *

Wookies and P'wecks

Someone just shoot me with a blaster!


Star Wars, Engrish, and Presbyterian Church

Revenge of the Engrish
This is screenshots of a Chinese bootleg copy of Revenge of the Sith. The English subtitles have been (poorly) translated from the (poorly) translated Chinese subtitles. These lines were taken as an interpretation of the script and then interpreted again.
Who knew that an elephant like me had devoted their life to the Presbyterian church?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vote in Star Wars United Forum

I've put up a poll in the Star Wars United forum. Please read the post when you get a chance and cast your vote.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My name is Epsilon 775. I am just another clone trooper in the vast GAR (that's the Grand Army of the Republic). A million thanks to that Nubian security captain we all know, Typho, for the invite.

Who/How old/Where/What/All that stuff

My name is Sam. Please refrain from making any lousy "Sam" jokes at this time.
I am 31
I live in Colorado
Officially, I am in the tech sector of this world, but I study Marine Biology as a "hobby"

Why did I start a Star Wars blog?

I knew a guy who had started a stormtrooper blog over a year ago. His blog is gone now, but that's where I got the idea to blog. Then I realized that I just thought clone troopers were cool, so I made a blog about one. I found this blog when Lt. Cmdr Oneida posted a comment on my blog, and I am extremely proud to be able to now call myself a fellow geek. Oh, and by the way, Tak, our helmets are cooler than yours.

My Character
Epsilon views himself as just another drop of water in an endless sea, which is actually remarkably correct. As a clone trooper, he is denied the luxuries of a normal life, and he will die after about 25 years, assuming he dosen't get killed in battle. He hates when people take false credit for things. For example, he was furious when he saw that the 501st was recieving praise and goods for winning a battle that his division fought. He likes to make his fellow troopers laugh, though, but ususally in a manner where it will help the task at hand.

Where do you get ideas for your blog?

Who knows? Usually I get blog ideas in that "twilight zone" just before you fall asleep, but after you're really aware of anything. Then an idea pops into my mind, usually accompanied by an image of a running clone, and I have to wake up to write it down. That's why I almost never write it down ;).

Anyway, that's me and my character, and thanks again to Captain Typho for the invitation.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Missing Jedi Mission

I'm on job and all ready it's gone completly crazy on me. Palps really needs to lay off the juice. Read all about it. Mission to Find Kriss Part 1

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Member!

My name is Jinx Miakoda, Jinx for short. I'm still a Padawan as my training started REALLY late, I'm working on becoming a Knight though.
Thank you Captain Typho for the invite, it is an honor :)

here's my blog:

Who/How Old/Where/What?
My real name is Jess, I'm turning 23 in a month and I live in Holland, so my grammar and spelling might be off at times ;)

What made you start a blog like this?
It was DarkJediKriss who I met over another site, we chatted a bit there and I found out about her blog, it made me laugh everytime I read it, so much I felt the need to start a blog of my own.
So whether you find my blog funny or extremely bad and annoying, she's partly responsible! (all hatemail can be send her way)
Anyway, I've found a few cool blogs here, still lurking around most of the time, trying to see what's it all about.

My Character:
Jinx was made up to write stories actually...well as a writers name to begin with, not so long ago.
She is a loner, who's been traumatized having to watch her tribe get slaughtered, included her mother and best friend dying in front of her. She doesn't have many friends, for except one younger boy, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Kriss.
I've made her lighten up a little for the blog, just so her entries wouldn't be too depressing ;)
Jinx is proud, suspicious and stubborn, determined and loyal.
She is also still adjusting to the Jedi lifestyle and the obsession Jedi have with cookies.

I try to post often, but Darth Real Life swallows time and my constant problems with my PC and/or laptop can prevent access.
I don't know how I get my idea's, some just pop up, some link in on other people's blogs.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

You Asked For It!

Anakin, Spiderman. Need I say more?
See it here!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alright, fess up

Who broke the Cbox?

Come on, you know you did it.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Special Guest Poster

I had a special guest poster on my blog today. Tak: A Army of (Cl)one Really, I'm not that bad! *blushes*

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Thanks Captain Typho for the invite!

Time for the Q&A!

What made you start a blog like this?

MasterYoda's Blog, the Grand Master of funny!

My Character:

You know me, I'm Anakin Skywalker. Jedi Knight, Chosen One, all around cool guy.

Who/How Old/Where/What?

I can't tell you who, it would ruin it. *grins*

If you post often, where do you get ideas?

Well, I started it to mess with DarkJediKriss and Jinx Can't link that, I have no idea how. [HA! Something Anakin can't do.] It's a new blog but I post offen. My ideas will get nuttier, I'm sure.

Skywalker Out!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jaina Solo: Umm... Hi?

Cheers to Capt. Typho to the invite. I had a bit of time off from revising so I decided to make this the first team blog that I posted on. Feel loved!

Ok, I will do this whole Who/How Old/Where/What thing but I'm not telling you my real idenity. I'm like that, please don't take offence. I will however grace you with my real age. I'm 15, no wait, I'm 16! My birthday was yesterday! I decided to make Jaina 19 because it opened up more plot lines.

What made you start a blog like this?
Like everyone else it was Master Yoda. His blog was the one that made me take up the identiy of Jaina. The reason I made a blog was really so I could post comments on BB:N! Crazy huh?

My Character:
Well everyone knows that Jaina is a Solo. She's from the Expanded Universe. She's everything I would like to be, strong, brave and a really good Jedi! I do think that there is a little bit of Jaina in me, that's one of the reasons why I liked her so much. She is such a strong person and I love that in anyone. Plus I loved the idea that she was always mucking around fixing things!

As many of you may have noticed I don't have a regular blogging pattern. I tend to blog more often if I have a good story running, like her most recenent adventure. I do try not to let more than 4 days pass before I blog again. Sometimes it is more sometimes it's less. It depends.

So now you know a little bit about why I choose Jaina as my character, and that's about it...
Oh yes! I will tell you this: I don't live in America!

DarkJediKriss Edit

My name is DarkJediKriss, but just call me Kriss. I'm a Jedi Knight of the Republic and resident photographer. The Skywalker Stalker. Thanks to Captian Typho for the invite! My heart swells with pride.
Here is the link to my blog, Delusions of Grandeur. A fitting name for what goes on in my life. :-)

Who/How Old/Where/What?

My real name is Kriss.
I'm 29
Georgia, USA
I work at home, so I have too much free time.

What made you start a blog like this?

I found Master Yoda's blog by chance, loved the idea, so I started one of my own.

My Character:

DarkJediKriss is extension of my personally. I love to make people laugh and enjoy messing around with Photoshop. Not to mention Anakin Skywalker is my favorite SW character.

I post offen, every other day. I get my ideas from friends, mostly off the top of my head. I have a wicked sense of humor.