Monday, July 31, 2006

Ewoks Rule

About Me.

If it would be alright with everyone, I would rather not share most of my personal stuff. I don't want to seem rude or anything, it's just I don't feel right sharing this info (at this time).

I will tell you that I am female, mid twenties, and live in the U.S. I'm sure with time I will share more, just not right away. :-)

Why did you choose your particular character?

I was thinking about starting one for awhile now, but wasn't sure what character to do. And I didn't really want a major character.

I guess it was the fact that there are no Ewoks in the group. Plus an Ewok seems pretty easy to write about. I have to admit tho, I don't know that much about Ewoks. I read some stuff on- line about them before I started the blog. I'll try and capture Ewok life as best as I can, but there is no guarantees.

And I like the name Emma, Plus it sounds like a good Ewok name. :-)

What made you start a blog?

I started because I seen how much fun everyone was having with their blogs, and all the interaction between people. I kind of wanted to join in on that fun. Plus I have always liked writing stories and stuff.

I know that I haven't posted that often as I wanted to, but I have been pretty busy with my jobs and other work I do. But I'll be switching to just one job within a few weeks. Then I will have more time to write and comment in my blog and the forums.

Where do you get ideas for your blog?

Well since I just started I have a lot of ideas already planed out. I may try something with clones, since they fear Ewoks for some strange reason.

I am also hoping to get Emma off the planet at some point. Not sure how to yet, but I'm sure something will pop up. Then she can write about adventures on other planets.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Finally Did It....

I've been wanting to change the template on my blog for some time now. However, I never seemed to have the time to sit down and figure it out (you know, always out hunting down Jedi for my master -- it's a full-time job you know).

Having been inspired by the blogs I've seen in this group (and some of the makeovers), I finally took several hours this evening and just did it. Go take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I love my job.....really.

It never seems to fail, when I have stuff planned for myslef to complete Jaba always has somthing else for me to do... I had no more than got the padawans fed and cleaned up than Jaba came in completly bent out of shape - even for a Hutt, they really dont have a shape ya know...anyway he wanted me to help him put the moter back into this antique speeder.....

By the time I got done helping him with that I was grease from head to high heeled toe. It was so hot. We are in the middle of a heat wave here and who knows when it is going to end. I got back to the Jedi Temple and all washed up, got lunch ready for the padawans, got a crayon out of Harveys ear, fed Bob and was just going to try to get the Jedi robes cleaned when Jaba came in again. I am really starting to hate hearing my name called, because it always means more work for me. Anyway, we had to "make hay" for Bob the Bantha - I had told Yoda I would take care of him and Jaba said that he would "supervise", I mean help... (ever seen a Hutt try to bale hay - not pretty) So in 102 degree heat I got to do this ALL afternoon.

So, 600 bales of straw were put into the barn for Bob to sleep on this winter. Needless to say the poor padawans got cheese sandwichs and tomato soup for supper. It is still hot today and I am hoping that my fathers debt to Jaba will be paid off soon.. I am off to clean the training room, if I can drag my butt that far with out making a furrow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Something new

Lord Vader and myself decited to start a blog together. Seeing how there are two of us with very differnt personallties, we thought it might a kick to blog at each other. Come check it out, it should be pretty funny. Vader/Skywalker

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thank you Captain Typho....

Thank you Captain Typho for the invite....I hope that I can keep up to the rest of you with my meek knowledge of blogger! I am NandeHi the Jedi Temple Governess and Jaba is my "boss". He won me in a game of chance from my father, I am in his debt and must care for the younglings at the Jedi Temple (the Jedi Knights are worse than the children)This is my boss and if you need me for anything he's the guy to talk to....

Thanks again Captain Typho!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is pretty cool.

I was mentioned this weekend in the Chicago Sun Times. Click here to see.

LGS pimpin': we need the ratings

Head over to the Last Gladiator Standing reality show to hear about AOC secret admirer and possible date. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Also if you haven’t done so you can see how the last challenge went.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Thank you, Captain Typho for the invite.

A link to my blog: Lord Vader

Who: I can't tell. Some of you know me, can you guess who?

What made you start a blog like this?

I have another blog, one you know. Originaly, I have to blame Master Yoda.

My Character:

My character is a "what if". What if Anakin defeated Obi-Wan on Mustafar and never ended up in the suit. I'm still working on the direction I want to go with this. My posts will be slow at first till I figure things out. I thought about going a bit funny with it, but we'll have to see. Suggestions are allways welcome.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hello fellow Star Wars geeks.

Uuuh... I am coming out with a movie that is longer than the rest of the movies I make on the internet. It is called: "CARDBOARD KNIGHT: THE MOVIE THAT IS LONGER THAN THE REST OF THE MOVIES HE MAKES ON THE INTERNET"

So um. For the movie, there will be an insignificant plot. All it will be is random events. SO to my point. I really want you guys to post as many random FUNNY events you can think of. If it makes me laugh, I'll put it in the movie. If it doesn't make me laugh, I'll still put it in the movie. The only way I couldn't put an idea into the movie is if it would be too haard to do. Moneywise. I CANNOT USE SPECIAL EFFECTS. So keep that in mind. I can however, have music in it. SO please post comments with your ideas on this post... please.... Heh...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Star Wars on Earth

Some cool photos I came across:

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back in a Flash

Hey everyone, I am finally back!
After two months of inactivity in my Jango Fett blog, I will contiune to post more exciting adventures With Jango and the annoying Boba.

And yes, JangoADE is released, I just havent made a post about it yet. Also I welcome all new bloggers. I have noticed Skywalker's blog, and I am very impressed. Its going to be a great blog. Ill comment in your recent post and I will post a comment to every blog I know. :)

Friday, July 14, 2006


Go check this post out: Skydiggity

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The New Generation

Hi all - I just updated Padme's blog and posted a new template. I see there is a whole "new generation" of Star Wars bloggers that I haven't kept up with. I hope to spend some time soon reading all your blogs. I've tried to update the blogroll on Padme's blog to get all you newbies on, so please let me know if I've missed anyone!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ya Aint Gonna Believe This

Uncle Skeeter's At it again , Ya'll need ta stop in over ta Uncle Skeeters and Vote !

Oh and stop by Jaba's if ya get a chance

For Tak....

Since he doesn't want to take my test: click here.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

What Star Wars Character Are You?

Didn't know if anyone had taken this test before, but I found my results interesting. My master will be pleased indeed.

You scored as Exar Kun. You are most like Exar Kun. A rash, bold and arrogant Jedi Knight that fell to the Dark Side nearly four millenia before the battle of Yavin. You crave control above all else and will sacrifice anything for your own self preservation.

You are masterful with a lightsaber, combining forms Niman X and Makashi into your own variant. Your form allowed you to combine two blades into a form heralded for its lightsaber combat superiority through overwhelming power and precision to utilize your creation - the dual bladed lightsaber.

You see death as a disease you can cure.

Anakin Skywalker


Darth Maul


Exar Kun


Darth Vader


Mace Windu


Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus


Qui-Gon Jinn


Darth Revan


Darth Sidious


Bastila Shan




Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pre Death of Qui-Gon Jinn)


Obi-Wan Kenobi (Post Death of Qui-Gon Jinn)


Luke Skywalker

What Star Wars Jedi or Sith character is most like your personality?

created with

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bla Bla Bla

Hello, since all my gear is not working properly, I have been forced to a lack of updates. However, I've managed to write two new entries the last two days, well actually Obi-Wan has...if anyone is interested in reading them:
Jinx me

Of course this blog has connections with Kriss and Anakin so in the long run, to follow the full story I suggest reading all our blogs :)
Gosh it sounds like I'm advertising, but really I'm doing this for you guys :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And You Thought Obiwan Was Dull....

All men have is it he managed to keep this one?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

new Shaak blog.

Greetings, good to meet you all.
I am known as Happy Mask Saleswoman. I am less than 21 years old. I can read and write Aurebesh and, contrary to tradition, I prefer the prequels to the old Star Wars trilogy.
I came across Shaak Ti's blog a long time ago when it was run by Cardboard Knight and thus discovered Star Wars: Unplugged. I made lots of stupid comments on various blogs, then decided to take over Shaak's blog as it wasn't being updated all too often. So I registered, then neglected to post for a month due to being somewhat busy and extremely lazy, but now post often enough just like any ordinary good blogger at this here blog, 'Shaak II'. Go there and read all my posts if you like.

So... what else to say?

Why did You Start a Star Wars Blog?
I love Star Wars, I love being a huge geek, and I love reading all these blogs. It's quite fun.

My Character:
Shaak Ti, a Togruta Jedi Master and General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. For lots more info and background go here.
(What? I'm not lazy! Just not very descriptive with characters.)

Where Do You Get Ideas for Your Blog?
Well, people do tell me I can be creative. I am an artist IRL, after all. (albeit not a particularly skilled one)
So, I basically get ideas from everywhere.

Thank you! I look forward to posting here. And thank you, Captain Typho, for the invite.
May the Force be with you all!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tak or Sev

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Would one of you would care to explain this to the council.. I'm a healer not a general, ok!